Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

So the day has begun. I got up at 7am after being out last night to get the ball rolling. Chopped up some celery, onion, garlic, fresh rosemary, and thyme for the stuffing. Mixed that all in with the unseasoned bread cubes, and then added about 4 cups of water and a melted stick of butter. Stirred that around to moisten the bread and mix it all together.

Got the bird ready (removed the neck and giblets etc) rinsed it out well and then stuffed the neck cavity and then the body. Put Thomas (the turkey) on the rack in the roasting pan and put him in the 325 degree oven. It was just a little after 8 am when that happened. Yeah doesn't take me too long to get stuff chopped up and ready for the stuffing. I always think it's gonna take longer than it does.

I made breakfast after getting the turkey in the oven. Ham steaks and scrambled eggs. I also made some Apricot cresent rolls. (simple.. super simple.) you take the Pilsbury cresent rolls (yes the tube of dough that you pop know what I mean) So you take some Apricot jelly (or whatever flavor jam/jelly you fancy) heat it up (you'll need about a half cup or so). Spread it on the triangle of dough, roll it up like normal and place on a cookie sheet. ( I would highly suggest putting some parchment paper on the sheet first. After you get them rolled up, brush them with an egg wash (should be egg white with a little water, I just beat a whole egg with a little water) and then sprinkle some sliced almonds or seasame seeds over the top. Bake them according to the package directions. ENJOY. (yeah it's a little bit of work, but the pay off is worth the effort.)

So the only two remaining things to cook today are the fresh green beans with bacon and almonds, and the Au Gratin potatoes. (Yes I do the potatoes from scratch.) The cheese sauce is the hardest part. As I remember I chop up an onion (somewhere between chopped and minced) saute the onion in EVOO or butter. Add flour to make a roux (cook the flour a little so you don't get that 'blah' taste) then add the cheese and milk. Cook over a med to low heat to melt the cheese and then thicken the sauce. Slice some potatoes put in a cassarole dish, pour the cheese sauce over and mix. Put in the oven and bake for 30 to 45 mins, until potatoes are cooked.

So now you know what I'm making. Yeah there will be left overs. Food is good.

I hope you are spending the day with family and/or friends. Enjoy the company and I hope you find reasons to give thanks on this day. I am thankful for my family, and all my friends. This past year has been a great one, making new friends and getting out of the house. Julie, Ian, Joey, Jenny, Matthew, Rik, Ajax, thanks for all the great nights and fun times. Brenda, Darrell, Blaine, Wyatt, Dani, thanks for the vacation memories. Everyone else who I forgot to mention thank you for the freindship and know you all are a part of my life.

Hugz to you all

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Days go by...

.. and still they fill up with activities. Long holiday weekend coming up and my 'down time' is filled with stuff to do. Kickin the long weekend off with DJ Matthew Baker and club 1220 in Walnut Creek on Wednesday night. Thursday is Turkey day and all the family, food, and football that goes along with it. Friday night... I won tickets to Nadia Ali at 1015 Folsom. Yeah I had no plans, but ended up being caller 7 tonight when Joey gave away the tickets. Saturday night is the Cafe with Joey V hosting, yeah he put me on the guestlist. So a busy weekend, but it's gonna be FUN.

Hangin out with friends is always a good thing. Going out and enjoying a night.. creating those memories... just having fun... Matthew Baker the fellow Pollack and one whose advice I follow. Joey, Ian, Julie.. good friends and good fun. ... ah so yeah you know what I'm talking about

Hugz to you all

Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday night

So it was a good weekend. Off to the city to meet Joey V for drinks before we headed off to the Cellar and DJ Ajax. There was much traffic going into the city and we left Vallejo around 8:30 pm or so.. Fought with the navigator and wound our way up to the Cellar. (takes us on a different route everytime.) Parked in our garage of choice (yeah there was prolly street parking, but I'm ok with paying for the garage.)

We thought AJax was up first (10p to midnight) but he was not there. The DJ (I so forgot his name, spins for another radio station) was pretty damn good. He did an 80's set like you wouldn't believe. We were having some fun. Drinks, dancing, counting to see if there would be more Madonna or Michael Jackson songs spun. (it was a tie at 4 each) Disco Bob and his wife were there. Ajax shows up and we run into him near the bar. So we all BS and Chris buys a round of drinks, gotta get the Birthday boy something!!

Midnight finally rolls around. Joey does his last duty and then splits. Disco Bob and his wife leave not long after. Chris and I hang out to catch Ajax's set. We make our way over towards the DJ booth when we were getting ready to head out, and it's like Ajax knew we were gonna go. He dives into his bag of tricks and I can't leave. It's just so much fun watching him work, and how the crowd reacts to some of his crazy cuts. (yeah I'm a people watcher from way back in the day) So we get in the flow and just have fun. At one point Ajax looks at me, puts his finger up and wham.. "DJ Ajax does it better"... yeah it's his personalized version of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" I love it.

Finally it's time for me to get moving... I climb up in the DJ booth to say good bye to Ajax. The we make our way outta the club. Let me tell you the cool/cold air outside felt good. We made our way safely home and I fell into the bed.

So it was a good start to the weekend. I had told myself that Friday was gonna be fun, no drama kinda night, and it was. There was a friend who was gonna come along to the club, but he wasn't feeling well so decided to stay home. Around 10 pm he felt better and sent me a txt. Oh well I'm at the club now, catch you next time.

Speaking of next time......I caught a bulletin that DJ Matthew Baker posted over on Myspace. He'll be spinning at 1220 on Wednesday night. I guess I might have the little party to start the long weekend. I'll have to be good so I can get up in the morning and get the Bird into the oven on time.

Turkey day is a big one for me. I'm the chief cook here at my house. There is pleanty of work for me to do on that day. Turkey, stuffing, au gratin potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc.... Don't get me wrong I do love it... just tons of work to do on that day. Whatever your plans for that day I hope you travel safely, and enjoy the company of Family and Friends. Good Food, Good Drinks, and FOOTBALL!!!!

HUGZ to you all!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nadia Ali

Is this the voice of Joey V???

Nadia Ali- November 28th from Muna.Group on Vimeo.

Tis a voice over to remember.

A rainbow flag flying over the crowd at the Prop 8 protest.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuff and stuff

Not only do I LIKE this sign, but it hits a chord inside me. There have been times in the past where I've been told that I 'chose' to be gay.

It's not a choice people. I was born the way I am, you were born the way you are.

yeah... touchy as it is...

So there are so many things coming out of the Prop 8 dealio. The call to boycott businesses that donated to Prop 8. The realization of what a slippery slope it is when you vote away the rights of one group by a simple majority. The harsh spotlight turned upon this 'sacred' institution of marriage.

Let us leave those issues for awhile. (just things for you to think upon)

Friday night. This Friday, the Cellar nightclub in SF. Joey V will once again be there doing the host thing, and the DJ this week........DJ Ajax. (yes THE DJ Ajax of Cardio Radio FAME) (He'll get that joke, don't worry) To add to it all it is one of his 'official' birthday celebrations. So come on people let's get out there and have some fun. Yes there is a guestlist available at Energy's website, or you could call into Joey V (866-534-0927) when he's on air and see if he'll hook you up.

If you happen to be a 'Creepy Walnut Creek Stalker Fan' you need not apply.

So I'm working things out here. Getting ready for Turkey day. Yes I've got the bird, 17.6 lbs, and have the general idea for the rest of the meal. Home made AuGratin potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, etc. Got a week to pull it all together. Good food, good drinks, good FOOTBALL, and time with family.

Ok off with me.

HUGZ to you all!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


What a great day. Weather beautiful, friends, fellowship, commitment, work, etc.

Started the day heading out to the city and the protests over Prop 8. Parked near the station and walked down Market street to Civic center plaza. Found Joey, Jenny, Rik and Baby Bobby and spent our time there in solidarity with the crowd. We are united on our fight against Prop 8 and the various backers of said Proposition. I've posted many pictures on Myspace. There were some great signs and yes my favorite is "A recent vote shows that 52.5% of you are IDIOTS" (I'm not mentioning names, but for some reason Alice in Wonderland comes to mind.)

We left the protest site and headed off in search of food. Quiznos was settled upon, and since Joey/Jenny and Rik all parked at the station we headed to the one near the station. After a quick meal, then we wandered over to the station. Julie and Kid Loose were there and so we said our good bye's to Joey, Jenny and Bobby while Chris, Rik and I hung out with Kid Loose and Julie in studio for a little bit. We added content to Kid's show and basically had a great time. yeah the geek in me got a good fill of watching how 'Live' radio happens. How the calls into the station are edited, etc. How they know what will fit between songs. How the beds are added in while spots are going, etc. etc etc etc

Yes I love seeing the technology and realizing how complex this thing called radio really is.

Ok gotta run.. hope to get a pic or two up soon.

{***************} HUGZ to you all!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

where did he go??

Protest baby...that's what we're doing tomorrow. We are not going silent into that good night. (where did that line come from and why do I keep repeating it????) Anyway my role tomorrow is 'official photographer'. I will have the camera at the ready, and am going to get some great shots while there.

It is hard to imagine that I will be there in the middle of something more than the sum of it's parts. Can you actually 'feel' history when it's being made???

So sleep for me tonight, then the city tomorrow. The off to Sac and help my niece move.

More to follow......

{********************} Hugz to you all

Friday, November 7, 2008

I can't say it any better

So I will not even try to say it any other way. The following is an article from the HRC. Please read it, think about it, no matter where you may live in this country.

Op-Ed from Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese on Defeat of Proposition 8

You can't take this away from me: Proposition 8 broke our hearts, but it did not end our fight.

Like many in our movement, I found myself in Southern California last weekend. There, I had the opportunity to speak with a man who said that Proposition 8 completely changed the way he saw his own neighborhood. Every "Yes on 8" sign was a slap. For this man, for me, for the 18,000 couples who married in California, to LGBT people and the people who love us, its passage was worse than a slap in the face. It was nothing short of heartbreaking.

But it is not the end. Fifty-two percent of the voters of California voted to deny us our equality on Tuesday, but they did not vote our families or the power of our love out of existence; they did not vote us away.

As free and equal human beings, we were born with the right to equal families. The courts did not give us this right—they simply recognized it. And although California has ceased to grant us marriage licenses, our rights are not subject to anyone's approval. We will keep fighting for them. They are as real and as enduring as the love that moves us to form families in the first place. There are many roads to marriage equality, and no single roadblock will prevent us from ultimately getting there.

And yet there is no denying, as we pick ourselves up after losing this most recent, hard-fought battle, that we've been injured, many of us by neighbors who claim to respect us.

By the same token, we know that we are moving in the right direction. In 2000, California voters passed Proposition 22 by a margin of 61.4% to 38.6%. On Tuesday, fully 48% of Californians rejected Proposition 8. It wasn't enough, but it was a massive shift. Nationally, although two other anti-marriage ballot measures won, Connecticut defeated an effort to hold a constitutional convention ending marriage, New York's state legislature gained the seats necessary to consider a marriage law, and FMA architect Marilyn Musgrave lost her seat in Congress. We also elected a president who supports protecting the entire community from discrimination and who opposes discriminatory amendments.

Yet on Proposition 8 we lost at the ballot box, and I think that says something about this middle place where we find ourselves at this moment. In 2003, twelve states still had sodomy laws on the books, and only one state had civil unions. Four years ago, marriage was used to rile up a right-wing base, and we were branded as a bigger threat than terrorism. In 2008, most people know that we are not a threat. Proposition 8 did not result from a popular groundswell of opposition to our rights, but was the work of a small core of people who fought to get it on the ballot. The anti-LGBT message didn't rally people to the polls, but unfortunately when people got to the polls, too many of them had no problem with hurting us. Faced with an economy in turmoil and two wars, most Californians didn't choose the culture war. But faced with the question—brought to them by a small cadre of anti-LGBT hardliners – of whether our families should be treated differently from theirs, too many said yes.

But even before we do the hard work of deconstructing this campaign and readying for the future, it's clear to me that our continuing mandate is to show our neighbors who we are.

Justice Lewis Powell was the swing vote in Bowers, the case that upheld Georgia's sodomy law and that was reversed by Lawrence v. Texas five years ago. When Bowers was pending, Powell told one of his clerks "I don't believe I've ever met a homosexual." Ironically, that clerk was gay, and had never come out to the Justice. A decade later, Powell admitted his vote to uphold Georgia's sodomy law was a mistake.

Everything we've learned points to one simple fact: people who know us are more likely to support our equality.

In recent years, I've been delivering this positive message: tell your story. Share who you are. And in fact, as our families become more familiar, support for us increases. But make no mistake: I do not think we have to audition for equality. Rather, I believe that each and every one of us who has been hurt by this hateful ballot measure, and each and every one of us who is still fighting to be equal, has to confront the neighbors who hurt us. We have to say to the man with the Yes on 8 sign—you disrespected my humanity, and I am not giving you a pass. I am not giving you a pass for explaining that you tolerate me, while at the same time denying that my family has a right to exist. I do not give you permission to say you have me as a "gay friend" when you cast a vote against my family, and my rights.

Wherever you are, tell a neighbor what the California Supreme Court so wisely affirmed: that you are equal, you are human, and that being denied equality harms you materially. Although I, like our whole community, am shaken by Prop 8's passage, I am not yet ready to believe that anyone who knows us as human beings and understands what is at stake would consciously vote to harm us.

This is not over. In California, our legal rights have been lost, but our human rights endure, and we will continue to fight for them.

I will not go silently into that good night. You DO not have my permission to call me your gay friend if you voted yes on Prop 8. That is not the kind of friend I want to have.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Join the fight

Looks like there are quite a few people that are not happy about Prop 8 and it's narrow victory. The next round of the fight has started. Counties in California bringing lawsuits against it. There is even a petition going around that you can sign.

Sign the Petition here

I say do whatever you can to ensure that all groups have the same rights in this great State of California.

To go on to other topics, check out that Obama. Damn he's not even taking the week off to enjoy his victory on Tuesday. He's busy forming his cabinet and consulting with his advisors. Enjoy the holiday season this year, cause we're gonna be busy after that. This country has some major work to do, and yes the tasks seem daunting now, just remember "Yes We Can". (Ok the chills run up and down my body when I typed that. We are on the edge of something major. It's the same kind of feeling I get when I'm working with my Tarot deck)

Ok cooking dinner.. Brats tonight... it's bowling night.

{******************} HUGZ to you all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ok so here we go....

Time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get ready to face the next round. History was made last night, you cannot deny that fact. I would have liked that history to be the defeat of a proposition that changes the constitution of the State of California, and takes away one of my rights. Well you can't always get what you want (didn't the Rolling Stones tell me that YEARS ago???) Years ago Prop 22 passed with a 61% majority. Yesterday Prop 8 passed with a 52% majority. I want to say only 8 years have passed between the two propositions. Do you see what this means?? Yep we're closer than ever to getting there.

I have a feeling that come January 20th some major things will be changing. A new era is dawning in America. There is a shining light that is going to Washington and he's gonna get us on the right path. You know what struck me deeply in Obama's acceptance speech? It wasn't all "Look at how great I am" "I won, I won, I won", no it was quite different. It was "Look at what WE did." and a "Get ready boys and girls, cause we got some work to do." YES WE CAN.

I've never been so moved by any politician in my short time here on this planet. I remember some of Reagans' speeches, but I was in 9th or 10th grade. He had that talent to stir the American people and get them going in the direction he wanted. Barak Obama does the same thing. He touches everyone and makes us see that we need to pull this together and get going. He's not gonna put up with any BS either. He's stepping into one hell of a mess, but I think he's the only guy that could pull us out of this mess.

John McCain, what can you say about that man?? His speech last night was really amazing. If he had run his campaign the way he gave that speech, well I'm thinking things would have been totally different last night. He was gracious, and showing that spirit that truly always has been there. Had he gotten the nomination back in 2004 instead of Bush, well hard to say where we'd be but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be in the situation we currently are in.

I took my day off, worked through my emotions, and am ready to face the new day. It was not easy, and I KNEW I wanted this one too much. The major questions need to be answered. What does the passing of Prop 8 mean to the thousands of couples that have been married from May til now?? Will their marriages be annuled? Where do we go now?? Now that the State Constitution is being amended to say that a Marriage is between one Man and one Woman ONLY, how do we fight this?

Will of the people?? 52% of the people maybe. What about the 48% that don't agree with that decision??? I thought we'd make it this time. I thought we'd defeat those that oppose us out of fear. Fear is more powerful than I thought. It must be a sad existance to live your life in FEAR. I can't do that. I live my life in the sun, and out, and without fear.

Get ready Boys and Girls, the work still lies ahead of us. At least we now have a leader that can show us the way.

{******************} HUGZ to you all!!!!

How can you ever fight this mindset???

This is why Prop 8 passed. (well it's not official yet, but the writing is on the wall) I recieved this message as a reply from someone after I sent a note thanking her for legislating one of my rights away. She is in a Domestic partnership with a man.


Barack is President, at least we have that bright spot. I truly think he can bring this country back together and get us on the right track.

{*******************} Hugz to you all.

Living in a bubble

I didn't know it. I guess when you are inside the bubble you don't know. You just assume that everyone OUTSIDE the bubble feels the same way you do. You don't know that you are surrounded by hate and intolerance and that you are a SECOND class citizen. You are NOT WORTHY of your LOVE, your LIFE being recognized.

FEAR won out over LOVE. It's a slap in the face, it's a punch in the gut. I am physically ill. I'm not even going in to work today. I could not face it nor handle it.

I want to be gracious, I want to not seem like a bitter old queen bitching here. It's official a RIGHT is being taken away from me. There is no way to be gracious in this situation. OUTRAGE is what I feel. I am angry, bitter, disappointed. The list is long.

It's 2008, and rights can be taken away from a huge slice of the population. If only there were a way that every gay and lesbian in the state of California could leave today. We obviously are not wanted here. If only we could uproot all of us and move away. Let the rest of California see the impact.

I am NOT directing this at all of my friends. I know you support me in every aspect of my life. I know so many of you that voted No on Prop 8, and I love you all for that. Please don't take this as an attack on YOU. It's my release for those that were so swayed by FEAR. I will grieve, I will try to recover, I will have some serious decisions to make.

What happens to all the marriages that have been preformed from April to now? They will all be made null and void??? Give me something and then take it away 6 months later. Do me a favor and don't give it to me at all.

{****************} Hugz to you all. I think we'll need alot of those in the coming months.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Shoot me cause it took this long.. it's been bouncing around in my head and I just couldn't get the details down correctly because of all the misinformation going on out there. The blur between State and Federal on Prop 8.

It is the battle of the word "Marriage". The people that support Prop 8 say the following: "
Though it would alter the state’s constitution, it would not alter domestic partnerships which under California Family Code SS 297.5 extends to same sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples" This is where the lie comes into play. We are NOT afforded the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples.

So a man and a woman are married in the state of California, we'll make it a June wedding for poetic dressing. Come November the wife is offered a KILLER promotion at her work, however it does require them moving to South Carolina. The couple talk, take a trip out to see the area, and for Hubby to check out the chances for his employment, etc. They decide to move.

Let's use the same situation but this time make it a man and a man with their "Registered Domestic Partnership". They do the same things and make the same decision to move to South Carolina.

So what's the difference here?? If both have the same 'rights and responsibilities' whether it be called a 'marriage' or 'registered domestic partnership'. In South Carolina the Man and Woman are still Married and legally recognized as such. They have lost NOTHING. The Man and Man couple are not recognized as 'registered domestic partners' in South Carolina. They do not have the same rights as the heterosexual couple.

So in effect my equal rights and benefits are only good as long as I stay in California. To me that is NOT equal.

Yeah I know, and I did state, it's the separation between State and Federal laws. State says "It's not us it the Federal that is denying you the rights.", Federal says "We represent the will of the states, we'll change when they change." We're not standing for it. We've had enough. "As goes California, so goes the country" or so the saying goes...

Tomorrow is election day. History will be made no matter the outcome. Participate in the Democratic process. Get out there and VOTE.

HUGZ to you all.