Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dangerous surfing

So I'm surfing around and land on one of my favorite toy sites. B&H video. I'm looking at lenses for my camera and checking prices on the new Olympus dSLR bodies (I've got the eVolt 500 and love the pics I'm getting with it) and find that the latest and greatest the e620 is only $499. Then I check out lenses and find a nice fast zoom that will replace the one that came with my original e500 is $995. There is a nice wide angle zoom for $600. As you can see I don't have cheap toys. The two new lenses will run about $1650 and if I find the extra $$$ I can get the new body and have a whole new set up for just over $2000. The sweet part of this the lenses will work with the e500 and the e620.

I've come to the conclusion that I need about $10,000 so I can get all my new toys and also do the work in the back yard this year. Since I don't see where the $10,000 will just drop out of the sky looks like I get to prioritize the expenses. The back yard work needs to come first. Built in BBQ and fire pit will make it really nice for the summer. Then I can worry about a new laptop (15" macbook pro), and the new photo gear.

The camera I have is only 8 mega pixels, but it being a digital SLR the photo quality is way better than a comparable point and shoot. Anyway I'm going through my photos and enlarging many to 8x10 size to put up around the house. The initial project was an idea to hide the speaker wire running along the wall from my surround sound system. I've gotten that done and it looks pretty amazing. I left space between the photos so it looks like they are actually hanging from the wire. Now I'm looking to enlarge others to poster size. (16x20 and up) to fill in the blank walls in my house. I figured I should use my photos to decorate my house. I've found a decent place online where I can get some enlargements done for a reasonable price. So if ever you come to visit my place just know that the majority of the photos you'll see on my walls are ones that I took.

Off to figure out something to eat and then prolly watch a movie tonight. Back to the grind and the middle school production of Grease next week!!

{*******************} Hugz to you all!