Friday, October 24, 2008

When I grow up

Doll Domination... Pussycat Dolls...

The dance remix (no I don't know who did it) is KILLER. Then again I am a bpm junkie, you gotta get it up to 120 or more... (I'm kinda thinking that 127 bpm is like the ULTIMATE. Just fast enough to keep yo' ass moving, but not so fast that you've gotta be on speed to keep up.) Don't get me wrong there are a couple of songs that top out at 147 bpm and I LOVE them.. it's just not a sustainable level...

(intersting side note, I'm typing this blog, listening to Joey V, chatting with a friend on Yahoo messenger and doing the txt message thing with my nephew) Who says guys cannot multitask???

Ah yes Adam Cova doing the Earthquake mix. So sweet.. he does have some good skillz. He did win the first Ultimate DJ competition.

So the next big party is the Anniversary Blast 4. Energy 92.7 is throwing the party for the listeners. The line up is amazing... Cindy Lauper is headlining the whole event. It's gonna be a good night. All the usual energy DJ's will be doing their thing. (Ajax, Trevor, Kid Loose, Eddie Santana) The line up is varied on the acts, and more are being added. David Guetta is here this year and I'm psyched to catch his set. (hope Kid Loose isn't spinning at the same time) The party is being held at the Regency center, same as last year. I'll know many more people there this year, so it's gonna be a fun time. Even Fernando and Greg will prolly talk to me.

Ok so the title of this blog relates to not only the song that runs through my head, but also to a post a friend did over on Myspace. She posted a little something about if you only had one wish, what would you wish for??? yeah so you see how that one goes. The 'problem', she got her wish....but it's a good one. She wished to be happy.....and she is.

I haven't gotten to my wish yet. I know what I will wish for when I do get it. You all will know when I get it, and that's all I'm gonna say.

{*****************} Hugz to you all!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life is ROUGH

Yes boys and girls we're gonna see how it is to live on that 'other side'. Life is rough even if you're in a 'comfortable' state. The following is the Police log that is printed in the Ark newspaper. (The Ark is the paper for Tiburon and Belvedere.) This is all true, I CAN NOT make this stuff up.


Hedge Hog: Oct 2nd, A Mercury Ave woman called to report that her neighbor had gone into her yard and cut down her rose bushes. She told police she was only reporting the incident so they would be aware of it.

Abra-Car-Dabra: Oct 3rd, a man called police because he was unable to locate his car after only one drink at a bar on Main Street. It was later determined that a towing company had picked up the car for being parked on private property. The man got the information necessary to recover his vehicle.

Reap What You Sew: Oct 4th, a Hacienda Drive woman called to report that there was sewage spilling into a residence on Benton Court. She said a plumbing company on the scene was requesting police confirmation for the spillage so that the city would pick up the bill.

Racket Club: Oct 5th, a man complained, as did several other citizens, about noixe coming from the Tiburon Peninsula Club (TPC) on Mar West Street. However, the TPC had a permit from the town to play loud music until 5 pm and all residents within 100 yards were notified.

Mad Money: Oct 6th, a man at a bank on Tiburon Blvd between Beach Road, and Mar West called the police because he felt that he was receiving bad service. The police spoke with the manager, who told police that the man was not a customer of the bank but wanted to cash a check. When the manager asked him to have a seat and wait for assistance, he bacme impatient, started to yell and refused to leave. Officers and the manager were able to resolve the problem.

Fishing for Change: Oct 3rd, a woman reported that her wallet was stolen from her bag while she was at a sushi restaurant in Strawberry Village. The Sheriff's Department investigated and found three suspects who appeared to have worked together in an organized theft of a wallet from a purse.

Little Bag Lost: Oct 4th, a Bay Vista Drive woman reported that she lost her black overnight bag containing expensive jewelry, her wallet and credit cards. She said she was unsure where she had lost the bag. A deputy took a report.

There you have it boys and girls, a glimpse of life on that other side of the rainbow. As you can see having money doesn't make life any easier. Some would say it's tougher.

I'll try to keep up on the police logs and maybe post these once a month or so. There are some funny ones.

I'll do something else tomorrow. Just wanted to take a little break from the serious stuff I've been doing. The races are tightening up, and dude I'm more nervous then I've been in awhile.

{******************} Hugz to you all!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008





In March 2000, California voters passed Proposition 22 to specify in state law that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. In May 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled that the statute enacted by Proposition 22 and other statutes that limit marriage to a relationship between a man and a woman violated the equal protection clause of the California Constitution. It also held that individuals of the same sex have the right to marry under the California Constitution. As a result of the ruling, marriage between individuals of the same sex is currently valid or recognized in the state.


This measure amends the California Constitution to specify that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. As a result, notwithstanding the California Supreme Court ruling of May 2008, marriage would be limited to individuals of the opposite sex, and individuals of the same sex would not have the right to marry in California.


Because marriage between individuals of the same sex is currently valid in California, there would likely be an increase in spending on weddings by same-sex couples in California over the next few years. This would result in increased revenue, primarily sales tax revenue, to state and local governments.

By specifying that marriage between individuals of the same sex is not valid or recognized, this measure could result in revenue loss, mainly from sales taxes, to state and local governments. Over the next few years, this loss could potentially total in the several tens of millions of dollars. Over the long run, this measure would likely have little fiscal impact on state and local governments.

So there you have the exact text from the Ballot, and you have some other information. The striking thing to me is what is NOT included in this write up. All those little things that come along with this thing called Marriage that are NOT included in a 'Domestic Partnership'. You are married, your spouse gets into an accident on the commute to work. You rush off to the hospital to see them, they ask you who you are, you are their SPOUSE...wham, bam you are in to see them. If needed you can make the medical decisions for them, etc, etc.
Now same situation but when you get to the Hospital and they ask who you are, and you tell them you are the Domestic Partner of the injured... yeah well maybe durning normal visiting hours you could see your partner. Making a medical decision for them.....yeah only if you've previously got that paperwork signed and filed and the Hospital recognizes it. If not you could be left out in the cold.

There is no form that can be filled out, filed with the courts, etc that gives you the same rights as that Marriage License. It's not even 'separate but equal' because it's NOT EQUAL.

I know I keep saying that I've done this post and I'll leave it alone. I just cannot. It's too important to me. I have this dread in the pit of my stomach. Will the FEAR win?? It's been working for 8 years of W. Is the FEAR soo ingrained into people now that they can so easily be swayed like sheep?? If you notice in the wording of the proposition nowhere does is say that school curriculum will be changed. No where does it say anything about churches being forced to perform gay marriages. The 'Yes on 8' people have nothing but FEAR to use, and so they are.

So back to work for me. I didn't get anything out of the freezer before I left for work, so not sure what's gonna be for dinner. I do know that currently I am freezing so I'm thinking along the lines of something HOT. (Chili and cornbread, or some kind of soup and biscuits.) Nope didn't make the biscuits last night, so I could do that today.
{**********************} Hugz to you all!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


OK so I'm figuring out this blogspot thing. I worked out how to post a pic on the last blog. (Yeah can you find me there in the pic???) So a little positive tip here, the election is two weeks away. I know that Politics is a topic where heated debate can happen. I'm pretty sure most of my friends know how I'm voting, or they can guess. I'll leave it on this one, the cadidate I'm voting for will make history if they are elected to office. (This would be the election where that statement can apply to all the candidates running.)

I must mention my Butterfly. I was very sad when she disappeared from Myspace with nary (I've always wanted to say that) a word as to where she went. As luck (we believe in luck, .......right????) would have it she has turned back up. I've been wanting to set up a blogspot for awhile but always too lazy. So my Butterfly turns back up and it's the catalyst I need to get this Blogspot thing going. (Doesn't hurt that I've got a Gmail account up and running.)

I know she reads my stuff, and sometimes it's easier doing this knowing that you have at least one person reading it. Yes it's still my place to do the 'brain dump'. It lets me vent, and explore things that I can't work out in my head. I see that people can leave comments (hint, hint) so the feedback is always great.

Dad had another procedure on his heart today. The Doctor thinks this should take care of alot of his problems. I'd go into details, but I honestly don't remember them accurately enough. Let's just say that he came through the procedure just fine and is home now to start the recovery. He can't bowl this week and I think that's got him a little bummed. I say rest and recover (and give me a week to get ready for him on the lanes.) and save his dollars. If he's not bowling this week he can't lose any money. LOL.

Ok I'm gonna go.. dinner is cooking (one I don't have to do alot of work on) Pork Tenderloin that's been marinated, and I'm doing a brown rice pilaf kinda thing. Green veggie to go with, I was thinking about biscuits, but not sure if I want to do the bit of work making them from scratch.

HUGZ to you all!!!!

Long weekend

Not the kind of weekend I like. It was a full one, but one day was work and the other was just decompressing/visiting my niece.

Saturday was the Tiburon Peninsula Children's Book Festival. (What you didn't hear about it??? Guess that's why you were not there.) Anyway the plans were very grand, and if more of a crowd had shown up... (yes the famous ... ) The highlight of the day for me was the guy from ILM who was the lead for Ironman did a talk/presentation on the effects, etc. It was a very cool presentation and a nice little glimpse into the world beyond what you see on the screen.

Clean up always takes longer than you think, and of course the volunteers always seem to either not show up or leave early. Being the District representative and the guy with the keys/alarm codes...I had to be there to the end.

So no 1220 and no Matthew Baker for me this weekend. He should be back there in two weeks so maybe I'll see him then. Hmm Matthew Baker spinning there on Halloween weekend...could be interesting. (I do not know if that is his schedule or not, so don't quote me.) My nephew came with me to Tiburon on Saturday cause I knew I needed some help grabbing tables. He was as dead as me at the end of it all, but I know I couldn't have done it without him.

I didn't get a chance to watch any football yesterday, but from the recaps this morning I didn't really miss anything. Other than Oakland winning over Brett Farve and the Jets. (I'm still tired from Saturday so I could have heard that wrong when I was driving in this morning) It sticks in my mind, so I'm not sure.

Gotta add a picture to this blog. (ok not sure that one worked, but we'll see.) Anyway as I was getting ready to leave the house this morning I checked Myspace and saw a bulletin from one of my friends. (Everyone is a friend on Myspace) It was "Vote YES on Prop 8" Kinda blew me away, I mean who in this day and age can actually be behind that proposition??? I read her little blurb and it truely did not make any sense to me. I replied using my friend Julie's comment on my blog from myspace. I haven't been able to check Myspace from work to see if I'll get a response or not.

It just goes to show that it's in no way a sure thing that Prop 8 will not pass. There is still much work to be done. Domestic partnership is NOT Marriage. The RIGHTS are not the same.

Why is it such a battle over the name?? "Marriage" If two men, or two women get married does it somehow diminish YOUR marriage?? What if it's an interacial marriage? Does that somehow take something away from YOU? Turn the situation around and for a moment think that Gay is the socially accepted thing and if you are straight then marriage is not legal. You could have a domestic partnership, but that would not provide you the same rights and benefits given to those that are MARRIED. How would you like it???

I'll let it go for now, the point has been made and sometimes you can't keep hitting a rock and expect it to suddenly become a tree.

More to come.... stay tuned to this blog...

HUGZ to you all!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

No on Prop 8

Prop 8, the one that will take away the RIGHTS of people in the State of California. If Prop 8 passes it will remove the right of marriage from gay couples.

I'm not sure I'll ever get married, but I want to have that right.

I haven't done this blog because I can't keep it level. It's way too close to the bone here. How do I explain this?? It's something that straight (man and women) couples take for granted. It's something I took for granted growing up in this country. I was taught there is NOTHING that I cannot do. There is NOTHING that I could not become. Choose what you want and put the work and dedication and you can achieve ANY goal. That's the promise of this country. It doesn't matter your background, your education, etc. If you want it you can get it. It's not handed to you, you gotta work for it, you gotta earn it......but dammit something like Marriage should not be a battle ground.

I saw the best shirt at Castro Street fair.... a guy was wearing it and he passed by... "When do I get to vote on your marriage." Seriously... What's the latest statistic one in two marriages will end in divorce. (That is 50% for those of you that didn't do good in math class.) Seriously what is this so called "sacred" institution of Marriage?? If you don't even take it seriously... "til death do we part".... is there something in the hetro make up that doesn't get it????

My love somehow doesn't equal your love???

Can you explain this to me??

I do not get it......

All I know for sure is that if Prop 8 passes it's gonna be a huge blow for me. Why stay in California?? Why even stay in America??? I've served my country... I LOVE this country. I've gone to WAR for this country.

What do I get in return???

No on 8.... if you're a voter in California. I don't care about anything else you vote on. I don't care who you vote for President... just vote NO on 8.

{*************************} (I give you the energy I have, so you can return it 10 fold to me)
HUGZ to you all.....

Here I am

Ok so those of you that know my Myspace page you'll already know some of this stuff. Just bear with me cause I gotta give a little background about myself.

Hi!! Welcome to my blog. It's my space to rant about whatever I want. Yep I'm on Myspace (Click here) Yeah this is much cooler....fully functioning blog. That link thing is SWEET!!

Anyway I'm a guy, 40 (2008), white, gay, single... if you want more info, you gotta ask me. (I'll work out those details as I get to know this site.) Just a quickie here while dinner finishes cooking. (Pork and rice and not at all what you are thinking right now.)

Yeah I'm blogging over here cause Myspace is being my home of "Mobsters" and I've wanted to put a blog out that ANYONE can read. You don't have to be a member of the site. (Yeah Butterfly it's for you, and others)

I try to keep on the positive tip. I KNOW that if you put out POSITIVE, you get it back. Same for Negative. I'm on my own journey through this world, I've met others that help, some that hinder, but I know I've needed them all to get to this point. Lessons are to be learned, and there are no shortcuts.

So I'll end this now, and I'll do more later.

{************} My shot of energy to you.
HUGZ to you all!!!