Friday, October 24, 2008

When I grow up

Doll Domination... Pussycat Dolls...

The dance remix (no I don't know who did it) is KILLER. Then again I am a bpm junkie, you gotta get it up to 120 or more... (I'm kinda thinking that 127 bpm is like the ULTIMATE. Just fast enough to keep yo' ass moving, but not so fast that you've gotta be on speed to keep up.) Don't get me wrong there are a couple of songs that top out at 147 bpm and I LOVE them.. it's just not a sustainable level...

(intersting side note, I'm typing this blog, listening to Joey V, chatting with a friend on Yahoo messenger and doing the txt message thing with my nephew) Who says guys cannot multitask???

Ah yes Adam Cova doing the Earthquake mix. So sweet.. he does have some good skillz. He did win the first Ultimate DJ competition.

So the next big party is the Anniversary Blast 4. Energy 92.7 is throwing the party for the listeners. The line up is amazing... Cindy Lauper is headlining the whole event. It's gonna be a good night. All the usual energy DJ's will be doing their thing. (Ajax, Trevor, Kid Loose, Eddie Santana) The line up is varied on the acts, and more are being added. David Guetta is here this year and I'm psyched to catch his set. (hope Kid Loose isn't spinning at the same time) The party is being held at the Regency center, same as last year. I'll know many more people there this year, so it's gonna be a fun time. Even Fernando and Greg will prolly talk to me.

Ok so the title of this blog relates to not only the song that runs through my head, but also to a post a friend did over on Myspace. She posted a little something about if you only had one wish, what would you wish for??? yeah so you see how that one goes. The 'problem', she got her wish....but it's a good one. She wished to be happy.....and she is.

I haven't gotten to my wish yet. I know what I will wish for when I do get it. You all will know when I get it, and that's all I'm gonna say.

{*****************} Hugz to you all!!!!!

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Butterfly said...

This blog reminds me of a musical card I bought my favorite co-worker that left for a new position on Friday. The song on the inside was "the rhythm is going to get you" - yes, yes a very old song but I didn't really get it until later in life. When some really good music hits you it just creeps into your feet and then all of a sudden you are humming, smiling, forget that you are in Safeway looking for a jar of spagetthi sauce - "clean up on aisle 4 please"! lol Hugs XO