Friday, October 17, 2008

No on Prop 8

Prop 8, the one that will take away the RIGHTS of people in the State of California. If Prop 8 passes it will remove the right of marriage from gay couples.

I'm not sure I'll ever get married, but I want to have that right.

I haven't done this blog because I can't keep it level. It's way too close to the bone here. How do I explain this?? It's something that straight (man and women) couples take for granted. It's something I took for granted growing up in this country. I was taught there is NOTHING that I cannot do. There is NOTHING that I could not become. Choose what you want and put the work and dedication and you can achieve ANY goal. That's the promise of this country. It doesn't matter your background, your education, etc. If you want it you can get it. It's not handed to you, you gotta work for it, you gotta earn it......but dammit something like Marriage should not be a battle ground.

I saw the best shirt at Castro Street fair.... a guy was wearing it and he passed by... "When do I get to vote on your marriage." Seriously... What's the latest statistic one in two marriages will end in divorce. (That is 50% for those of you that didn't do good in math class.) Seriously what is this so called "sacred" institution of Marriage?? If you don't even take it seriously... "til death do we part".... is there something in the hetro make up that doesn't get it????

My love somehow doesn't equal your love???

Can you explain this to me??

I do not get it......

All I know for sure is that if Prop 8 passes it's gonna be a huge blow for me. Why stay in California?? Why even stay in America??? I've served my country... I LOVE this country. I've gone to WAR for this country.

What do I get in return???

No on 8.... if you're a voter in California. I don't care about anything else you vote on. I don't care who you vote for President... just vote NO on 8.

{*************************} (I give you the energy I have, so you can return it 10 fold to me)
HUGZ to you all.....

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Butterfly said...

Oh my dear I really can't tell you not to fear something so close to your heart but I truly don't think this one has a snowball chance in...umm, let me nice there may be children in the room (lol). I really don't even understand why we are re-visiting this issue? The people and the courts have already spoke so are some dummies asking for a "do-over" hoping they can wish what the people away? What we really need to vote on is can "they" keep spending our money for a re-vote to try to change something we already made up our minds about? Humph!