Friday, October 17, 2008

Here I am

Ok so those of you that know my Myspace page you'll already know some of this stuff. Just bear with me cause I gotta give a little background about myself.

Hi!! Welcome to my blog. It's my space to rant about whatever I want. Yep I'm on Myspace (Click here) Yeah this is much cooler....fully functioning blog. That link thing is SWEET!!

Anyway I'm a guy, 40 (2008), white, gay, single... if you want more info, you gotta ask me. (I'll work out those details as I get to know this site.) Just a quickie here while dinner finishes cooking. (Pork and rice and not at all what you are thinking right now.)

Yeah I'm blogging over here cause Myspace is being my home of "Mobsters" and I've wanted to put a blog out that ANYONE can read. You don't have to be a member of the site. (Yeah Butterfly it's for you, and others)

I try to keep on the positive tip. I KNOW that if you put out POSITIVE, you get it back. Same for Negative. I'm on my own journey through this world, I've met others that help, some that hinder, but I know I've needed them all to get to this point. Lessons are to be learned, and there are no shortcuts.

So I'll end this now, and I'll do more later.

{************} My shot of energy to you.
HUGZ to you all!!!

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Butterfly said...

Yay! I finally get over here to blogspot and I have an honorable mention...awww life is good =0)