Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Damn you Steve Jobs

Ok I thought I was over the Apple lust that boils inside me, I was wrong. I got through the iPad fever when I realized that without a cam on it I didn't have a real reason for getting one. I have my DROID and no longer want an iPhone. (This may change with the 4G networks and if Apple ever drops AT&T as the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the US.) Today I read that Apple quietly refreshed the Mac mini and the thing that is a major selling point for me is the HDMI port. I could use my 46" Sony Bravia TV as a monitor for it. $700 for a new kick ass computer that will display easily on my TV.....yeah there's that "I want my PRECIOUS" lust that Apple always can raise in me.

Do I just spring for the $1,000 server model and stream all my content direct to my TV and surround in the living room?? Audio out on the Mac mini would go direct into my receiver. With the 802.11n wireless built into the mini I wouldn't need the Airport Express out in the living room. If I go the server route it comes with two 500GB drives and I could just relocate my iTunes library to the mini from my Time Capsule. If I find I'm streaming content from the web to the TV I'll just run a hard wire from the Airport router in Chris's room to the mini to get the full high speed out of our Comcast internet.

I was totally thinking of getting me a new Macbook Pro just because the latest refreshes in that series makes my mouth water. The top of the line with the Intel Core i7 processor really drive my inner geek crazy. My current Macbook Pro (15" version) that's going on 5 years old now still works perfectly fine so I don't really NEED a new laptop.

Minus to getting the Mini and hooking it up in the living room would be no built in iSight camera. However with the four USB2 ports on the mini it would be nothing to hook up my old Intel web cam. :-) Even going with the server version of the mini it saves me $1,000 over the Macbook Pro.

See the problems that geeks face?? I think I know my final answer to this one. Look for another post around the end of July to see if I bit the bullet or decided to spend my money on some other toy.

HUGZ to you all!!!!!! {******************************}