Sunday, July 19, 2009


So I did a quick read, and here's the cards:

Past: 3 of Swords (Sorrow)
Present: Empress
Future: 6 of Disks (Success)

Yes I was thinking of a certain person and these are the cards.

Just wanted these down where I'll remember them. I'll go into details later.

HUGZ to you all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


15 July 2009
As you've prolly heard California is in a crazy budget mess. Issuing IOU's and all the other fun stuff. The Governor is considering 'suspending' Prop 98. This is a proposition that requires the State of California to spend X amount of money on Public Education. As you know I work for a School District and the nightmare of the cuts to Education are a day to day reality for me. Cutting even more money from Education is not an option. So I composed the following letter and emailed it off to Arnie.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

As a California School District employee, and concerned voter I urge you to reject suspending Proposition 98. In six short years it seems you’ve come along way from the candidate running for office who promised the following:

"I strongly support Proposition 98 and I will protect California's commitment to education funding.”

I thought you were a great actor in your movies, but you’ve given an even better performance as Governor. You sold us all on your commitment to education.

Charlie Kryszewski

It's direct, it's to the point.. and it's got my style. So I urge all of you to take a few minutes and either send emails or call your representatives, and the Governor and let them know how you feel on their ideas for solving the budget crises. Let's get involved more than just showing up and voting on election day.

HUGZ to you all!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


So tis time for the random post.... just those thoughts that cross my mind.. iTunes on random is pretty amazing sometimes.. Having a slight issue on it loading the music I want to hear.. but 20 - 30 seconds delay can be amuzing. (I'm not even gonna spell check SHOULD be spelled that way. )

Get my television fix.. sitting my crucifix.. (Thank you Green Day)

Was going to get more work done on my back yesterday, but babysitter issues arose and this was not to be. I'll have to see if time can be scheduled soon. I want this done by sept so I can show Darrell the finished product. I do want that piece finished. Then I can work on the rest..

Speaking of Green Day, I'll be seeing them at Arco Arena at the end of Aug. The choices were either San Jose or Sac.. I chose Sac. Never been to a concert at Arco. I've seen many Kings games, and most recently watched my niece get her degree from Sac State. I've seen Green Day 4 times, so this will be the 5th. I'm fairly sure that "King for a Day" will show up in the set list. They've done it every other time I've seen them. It's a great break in the show, and yes they've had a guy in the bee suit dancing. I love seeing the Green Day logo in the back light up in rainbow. It's a tribute and a band that acknowledges all it's fans. Yes they did the big 'Serious' album (American idiot) but they never forgot that they started as a Punk band. They explore different things, but never forget the roots.. and I think that's a major part of why they can still be big today. They haven't 'grown up' ala blink 182.

Anyway bbq and cooking the side dishes.. so not much more to put here right now. Tri-tip is the bbq. right now it smells pretty amazing.. got a little hickory smoke going to help the flavor... yeah should be damn good stuff.

Tis all for now..

HUGZ to you all.

Yeah I didn't talk at all about the 'flashes' or what came up the last two times I touched the Tarot decks... it's like a focus... a clairity of what I already feel/know.. the cards are a great tool to help me... I'm just training myself to know what the 'flashes' mean.. it's a good thing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lump/Natural Charcoal

So today was the second time I've used the Lump Charcoal. There are pluses and minuses to it. I like how it's ready to go faster than the traditional briquettes. I don't like how it seems to not last as long as briquettes. I like how there is like zero ash compared to the briquettes. (I like typing briquettes, and no I didn't cheat and just type it once, then copy the text and then just hit Ctrl+V everytime I wanted to put briquette in the sentence.... although that would save a few key strokes...)

yea!!!! Tangent man is back.... I've missed him.

So it's the boneless pork ribs on the grill tonight... Just about done.. in fact I'm gonna get the rest of dinner ready then I'll finish this blog. No worries you'll not even notice the delay..... (it's time dilation......just don't tell Eddie)

So either you get the references or you do not. No worries..

Wow dinner was GOOD. I like the extra flavor from the lump charcoal. So looks like I'll be picking that up when I can. I know there is some always at Trader Joes for not too much money. (read cheaper than Kingsford) So tonight is the bottle of Chateau St. Michelle chardonnay. Went well with the ribs.. I'm guessing it's more on the dry side than the full bodied side. Dunno.. I truely don't have the vocabulary to describe it. It's great to me.. got the sharpness I like and there is the dry.. but it doesn't leave you 'puckered'. Like you just bit into a lemon kinda puckered.... it is there but doesn't linger.. totally drinkable wine. I like that 'bite' on a chardonnay.

Been a fantastic week and I'm sure it's only going to get better. Won tickets to the New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) concert tomorrow night in Concord. Yes I'm gonna go. No one seems interested in going with, so there will be an empty seat next to me. Have had some great calls with Joey this week. I got the full story on his adventure in returning from Cabo on the 5th of July. (ended up being the 6th, and he just made it in to work on time.)

Anyway I will end this one here... Hope you all enjoy...

Hugz to you all.. (something special going out to Oklahoma.... you know who you are.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Let me see if I get this straight: people willing to believe a 2,000+ year old religion based on pagan rituals think an invisible god created the entire universe in a week yet was so incompetent that she created homosexuals by accident? And if somebody is one of these accidents they're going to be tortured in the afterlife as punishment?


And you people are breeding, voting and driving heavy machinery?

Forty years since the Stonewall riots, and how far have we come? We can be legally married in 5 states. There are some 18,000 couples that are married in California but it doesn't seem to mean too much since Prop 8 passed.

Highs and Lows during Pride week. The beautiful weather and the celebrations. The attack on the Pink Triangle. A gay bar raided in Ft. Worth.


VNV Nation at the Regency center. Yes I ended up going alone, but that really doesn't stop me from seeing VNV Nation. Ronin and Mark were in really good form and it just felt kinda relaxed. Almost like Ronin knew he was performing for friends. I never can explain VNV Nation. The first time I saw them live I left the club almost walking on air. Filled with a positive vibe, and just somehow knowing I'd see them again, and again and again. Here we are many years, and many shows later and still they fill me with that positive vibe. As Ronin said during the show, yes things out there suck but for one night why not let all of that go and just enjoy yourself? There was one thing that happened that I've never expierenced before. I didn't truly think it possible. At the end of the night after the last song and Ronin and Mark were bowing to us, and we cheered, and cheered, and returned their energy 100 fold... the emotion hit Ronin and tears welled out. Yes we (that San Francisco audience) made Ronin cry.

I could never express all VNV Nation means to me. I could never articulate it to Ronin and Mark and have it stand out from all the others. I will never forget the first show, and I will always come out and support them. Yes even on a Monday night after Pride weekend. Even though I stayed out late on a school night and only got 4 hours of sleep then went into work. I will buy their CD's, and shirts at the shows.


Fourth of July and no plans.... I've got another new lens coming in for my camera so I can get some hot club shots. Things are on the horizon, and we'll see where the paths may lead. I have amazing friends.

HUGZ to you all