Sunday, July 12, 2009


So tis time for the random post.... just those thoughts that cross my mind.. iTunes on random is pretty amazing sometimes.. Having a slight issue on it loading the music I want to hear.. but 20 - 30 seconds delay can be amuzing. (I'm not even gonna spell check SHOULD be spelled that way. )

Get my television fix.. sitting my crucifix.. (Thank you Green Day)

Was going to get more work done on my back yesterday, but babysitter issues arose and this was not to be. I'll have to see if time can be scheduled soon. I want this done by sept so I can show Darrell the finished product. I do want that piece finished. Then I can work on the rest..

Speaking of Green Day, I'll be seeing them at Arco Arena at the end of Aug. The choices were either San Jose or Sac.. I chose Sac. Never been to a concert at Arco. I've seen many Kings games, and most recently watched my niece get her degree from Sac State. I've seen Green Day 4 times, so this will be the 5th. I'm fairly sure that "King for a Day" will show up in the set list. They've done it every other time I've seen them. It's a great break in the show, and yes they've had a guy in the bee suit dancing. I love seeing the Green Day logo in the back light up in rainbow. It's a tribute and a band that acknowledges all it's fans. Yes they did the big 'Serious' album (American idiot) but they never forgot that they started as a Punk band. They explore different things, but never forget the roots.. and I think that's a major part of why they can still be big today. They haven't 'grown up' ala blink 182.

Anyway bbq and cooking the side dishes.. so not much more to put here right now. Tri-tip is the bbq. right now it smells pretty amazing.. got a little hickory smoke going to help the flavor... yeah should be damn good stuff.

Tis all for now..

HUGZ to you all.

Yeah I didn't talk at all about the 'flashes' or what came up the last two times I touched the Tarot decks... it's like a focus... a clairity of what I already feel/know.. the cards are a great tool to help me... I'm just training myself to know what the 'flashes' mean.. it's a good thing.

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