Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lump/Natural Charcoal

So today was the second time I've used the Lump Charcoal. There are pluses and minuses to it. I like how it's ready to go faster than the traditional briquettes. I don't like how it seems to not last as long as briquettes. I like how there is like zero ash compared to the briquettes. (I like typing briquettes, and no I didn't cheat and just type it once, then copy the text and then just hit Ctrl+V everytime I wanted to put briquette in the sentence.... although that would save a few key strokes...)

yea!!!! Tangent man is back.... I've missed him.

So it's the boneless pork ribs on the grill tonight... Just about done.. in fact I'm gonna get the rest of dinner ready then I'll finish this blog. No worries you'll not even notice the delay..... (it's time dilation......just don't tell Eddie)

So either you get the references or you do not. No worries..

Wow dinner was GOOD. I like the extra flavor from the lump charcoal. So looks like I'll be picking that up when I can. I know there is some always at Trader Joes for not too much money. (read cheaper than Kingsford) So tonight is the bottle of Chateau St. Michelle chardonnay. Went well with the ribs.. I'm guessing it's more on the dry side than the full bodied side. Dunno.. I truely don't have the vocabulary to describe it. It's great to me.. got the sharpness I like and there is the dry.. but it doesn't leave you 'puckered'. Like you just bit into a lemon kinda puckered.... it is there but doesn't linger.. totally drinkable wine. I like that 'bite' on a chardonnay.

Been a fantastic week and I'm sure it's only going to get better. Won tickets to the New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) concert tomorrow night in Concord. Yes I'm gonna go. No one seems interested in going with, so there will be an empty seat next to me. Have had some great calls with Joey this week. I got the full story on his adventure in returning from Cabo on the 5th of July. (ended up being the 6th, and he just made it in to work on time.)

Anyway I will end this one here... Hope you all enjoy...

Hugz to you all.. (something special going out to Oklahoma.... you know who you are.)

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