Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Let me see if I get this straight: people willing to believe a 2,000+ year old religion based on pagan rituals think an invisible god created the entire universe in a week yet was so incompetent that she created homosexuals by accident? And if somebody is one of these accidents they're going to be tortured in the afterlife as punishment?


And you people are breeding, voting and driving heavy machinery?

Forty years since the Stonewall riots, and how far have we come? We can be legally married in 5 states. There are some 18,000 couples that are married in California but it doesn't seem to mean too much since Prop 8 passed.

Highs and Lows during Pride week. The beautiful weather and the celebrations. The attack on the Pink Triangle. A gay bar raided in Ft. Worth.


VNV Nation at the Regency center. Yes I ended up going alone, but that really doesn't stop me from seeing VNV Nation. Ronin and Mark were in really good form and it just felt kinda relaxed. Almost like Ronin knew he was performing for friends. I never can explain VNV Nation. The first time I saw them live I left the club almost walking on air. Filled with a positive vibe, and just somehow knowing I'd see them again, and again and again. Here we are many years, and many shows later and still they fill me with that positive vibe. As Ronin said during the show, yes things out there suck but for one night why not let all of that go and just enjoy yourself? There was one thing that happened that I've never expierenced before. I didn't truly think it possible. At the end of the night after the last song and Ronin and Mark were bowing to us, and we cheered, and cheered, and returned their energy 100 fold... the emotion hit Ronin and tears welled out. Yes we (that San Francisco audience) made Ronin cry.

I could never express all VNV Nation means to me. I could never articulate it to Ronin and Mark and have it stand out from all the others. I will never forget the first show, and I will always come out and support them. Yes even on a Monday night after Pride weekend. Even though I stayed out late on a school night and only got 4 hours of sleep then went into work. I will buy their CD's, and shirts at the shows.


Fourth of July and no plans.... I've got another new lens coming in for my camera so I can get some hot club shots. Things are on the horizon, and we'll see where the paths may lead. I have amazing friends.

HUGZ to you all

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