Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life is ROUGH

Yes boys and girls we're gonna see how it is to live on that 'other side'. Life is rough even if you're in a 'comfortable' state. The following is the Police log that is printed in the Ark newspaper. (The Ark is the paper for Tiburon and Belvedere.) This is all true, I CAN NOT make this stuff up.


Hedge Hog: Oct 2nd, A Mercury Ave woman called to report that her neighbor had gone into her yard and cut down her rose bushes. She told police she was only reporting the incident so they would be aware of it.

Abra-Car-Dabra: Oct 3rd, a man called police because he was unable to locate his car after only one drink at a bar on Main Street. It was later determined that a towing company had picked up the car for being parked on private property. The man got the information necessary to recover his vehicle.

Reap What You Sew: Oct 4th, a Hacienda Drive woman called to report that there was sewage spilling into a residence on Benton Court. She said a plumbing company on the scene was requesting police confirmation for the spillage so that the city would pick up the bill.

Racket Club: Oct 5th, a man complained, as did several other citizens, about noixe coming from the Tiburon Peninsula Club (TPC) on Mar West Street. However, the TPC had a permit from the town to play loud music until 5 pm and all residents within 100 yards were notified.

Mad Money: Oct 6th, a man at a bank on Tiburon Blvd between Beach Road, and Mar West called the police because he felt that he was receiving bad service. The police spoke with the manager, who told police that the man was not a customer of the bank but wanted to cash a check. When the manager asked him to have a seat and wait for assistance, he bacme impatient, started to yell and refused to leave. Officers and the manager were able to resolve the problem.

Fishing for Change: Oct 3rd, a woman reported that her wallet was stolen from her bag while she was at a sushi restaurant in Strawberry Village. The Sheriff's Department investigated and found three suspects who appeared to have worked together in an organized theft of a wallet from a purse.

Little Bag Lost: Oct 4th, a Bay Vista Drive woman reported that she lost her black overnight bag containing expensive jewelry, her wallet and credit cards. She said she was unsure where she had lost the bag. A deputy took a report.

There you have it boys and girls, a glimpse of life on that other side of the rainbow. As you can see having money doesn't make life any easier. Some would say it's tougher.

I'll try to keep up on the police logs and maybe post these once a month or so. There are some funny ones.

I'll do something else tomorrow. Just wanted to take a little break from the serious stuff I've been doing. The races are tightening up, and dude I'm more nervous then I've been in awhile.

{******************} Hugz to you all!!!

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Butterfly said...

The nice thing about this is no one was hurt and no one act of violence...hmmm, is there a more gentle heart on the other side of the rainbow?