Monday, October 20, 2008

Long weekend

Not the kind of weekend I like. It was a full one, but one day was work and the other was just decompressing/visiting my niece.

Saturday was the Tiburon Peninsula Children's Book Festival. (What you didn't hear about it??? Guess that's why you were not there.) Anyway the plans were very grand, and if more of a crowd had shown up... (yes the famous ... ) The highlight of the day for me was the guy from ILM who was the lead for Ironman did a talk/presentation on the effects, etc. It was a very cool presentation and a nice little glimpse into the world beyond what you see on the screen.

Clean up always takes longer than you think, and of course the volunteers always seem to either not show up or leave early. Being the District representative and the guy with the keys/alarm codes...I had to be there to the end.

So no 1220 and no Matthew Baker for me this weekend. He should be back there in two weeks so maybe I'll see him then. Hmm Matthew Baker spinning there on Halloween weekend...could be interesting. (I do not know if that is his schedule or not, so don't quote me.) My nephew came with me to Tiburon on Saturday cause I knew I needed some help grabbing tables. He was as dead as me at the end of it all, but I know I couldn't have done it without him.

I didn't get a chance to watch any football yesterday, but from the recaps this morning I didn't really miss anything. Other than Oakland winning over Brett Farve and the Jets. (I'm still tired from Saturday so I could have heard that wrong when I was driving in this morning) It sticks in my mind, so I'm not sure.

Gotta add a picture to this blog. (ok not sure that one worked, but we'll see.) Anyway as I was getting ready to leave the house this morning I checked Myspace and saw a bulletin from one of my friends. (Everyone is a friend on Myspace) It was "Vote YES on Prop 8" Kinda blew me away, I mean who in this day and age can actually be behind that proposition??? I read her little blurb and it truely did not make any sense to me. I replied using my friend Julie's comment on my blog from myspace. I haven't been able to check Myspace from work to see if I'll get a response or not.

It just goes to show that it's in no way a sure thing that Prop 8 will not pass. There is still much work to be done. Domestic partnership is NOT Marriage. The RIGHTS are not the same.

Why is it such a battle over the name?? "Marriage" If two men, or two women get married does it somehow diminish YOUR marriage?? What if it's an interacial marriage? Does that somehow take something away from YOU? Turn the situation around and for a moment think that Gay is the socially accepted thing and if you are straight then marriage is not legal. You could have a domestic partnership, but that would not provide you the same rights and benefits given to those that are MARRIED. How would you like it???

I'll let it go for now, the point has been made and sometimes you can't keep hitting a rock and expect it to suddenly become a tree.

More to come.... stay tuned to this blog...

HUGZ to you all!!!

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Butterfly said...

OMG! I love the picture it totally rocks.
My sister and I talked about prop 8,I didn't ask if she was for or againist it, nor did I try to sway her one way or the other, we just talked and she said she was very confused about the issue because it was her understanding that there were all the same rights but then she heard a story about a guy that took care of his very ill partner to his very last breath (okay, the tears are already swelling up in my eyes, let me finish this quick) and do you know once they knew he was not going to pull through and they talked about after he was gone what would happen to his "things" he found out that they were not going to give him any of his partners things personal or finacial? Under the "LAW" you have to be a "family" member or parent so he had to adopt his partner. That is easier for the court to handle? As a 100% percent straight woman with a few "straight" relationships under her belt, I honestly can not say that there has been (including my current 8 year whatever-ship) or will ever be someone in my life that loves me so much that they would take care of me even in illness and is even willing to adopt me to still have me even after death. Isn't that part of the "vow" until death do us part? -That's all I will say on that and let you all stew in that for a minute while I go get a tissue.