Monday, October 20, 2008


OK so I'm figuring out this blogspot thing. I worked out how to post a pic on the last blog. (Yeah can you find me there in the pic???) So a little positive tip here, the election is two weeks away. I know that Politics is a topic where heated debate can happen. I'm pretty sure most of my friends know how I'm voting, or they can guess. I'll leave it on this one, the cadidate I'm voting for will make history if they are elected to office. (This would be the election where that statement can apply to all the candidates running.)

I must mention my Butterfly. I was very sad when she disappeared from Myspace with nary (I've always wanted to say that) a word as to where she went. As luck (we believe in luck, .......right????) would have it she has turned back up. I've been wanting to set up a blogspot for awhile but always too lazy. So my Butterfly turns back up and it's the catalyst I need to get this Blogspot thing going. (Doesn't hurt that I've got a Gmail account up and running.)

I know she reads my stuff, and sometimes it's easier doing this knowing that you have at least one person reading it. Yes it's still my place to do the 'brain dump'. It lets me vent, and explore things that I can't work out in my head. I see that people can leave comments (hint, hint) so the feedback is always great.

Dad had another procedure on his heart today. The Doctor thinks this should take care of alot of his problems. I'd go into details, but I honestly don't remember them accurately enough. Let's just say that he came through the procedure just fine and is home now to start the recovery. He can't bowl this week and I think that's got him a little bummed. I say rest and recover (and give me a week to get ready for him on the lanes.) and save his dollars. If he's not bowling this week he can't lose any money. LOL.

Ok I'm gonna go.. dinner is cooking (one I don't have to do alot of work on) Pork Tenderloin that's been marinated, and I'm doing a brown rice pilaf kinda thing. Green veggie to go with, I was thinking about biscuits, but not sure if I want to do the bit of work making them from scratch.

HUGZ to you all!!!!

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Butterfly said...

Tee hee hee...and here I am fluttering by again. I really don't understand why we give up pieces of us (MY myspace) to save others "feelings", they don't care about our feelings or else...wait, this is so not about me, I just got excited to see my name I know dad is back up loosing money, I mean bowling by now with his new and improved upgrades in the heart but still I will him good health and send lots of love vibes his way even now. Hugs XO