Thursday, March 5, 2009


Kapt'n K, the awesome Sascha K, the leader of KMFDM had the following to say about SKOLD vs KMFDM:

The idea for making the SKOLD vs. KMFDM album came about spontaneously. Whilst I was up to my ears in work on KMFDM's BLITZ album (to be released March 24, 2009), Skold and I decided to start a project.

4,653 cigarettes
12.5 gallons of Tanqueray
804 olives
2,965 ice cubes
9.7 gallons of coffee
4.56 terabytes of exchanged files
594.3 kilowatthours
198 hours of intercontinental phonecalls
712 hours of collective sleep
and 101 days
later it was done.

Enjoy the latest iteration of the 'Ultra Heavy Beat'.

KMFDM turned 25 this year and they are still going strong. New album out on March 24. Shit I gotta order the new single.


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