Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas fun

Ah yes I am just about Apple certified to work on all versions of the MacBook. (In my house now there are an iBook G4, a MacBook Pro, and two of the new MacBooks.) I've upped the memory to 1 Gig in the iBook. I doubled the memory in my MacBook Pro to 4 Gigs. I replaced the hard drive in my MacBook Pro so now I have 320 GB of space instead of the 120 GB it came with.

I found this fantastic website called and they have the most amazing guides that show and tell you how to replace these things. Now if you aren't used to opening up computers this is not something I would try. If you do something wrong you could seriously damage your computer.

So I had to open up my MacBook Pro quite a few times, swapping the hard drives because I forgot to do a back up, then because I forgot the password to my Time Capsule. All in all it was a great experience because now I have absolutely no fears on opening up my computer. So it was much fun and I've learned soo much. So now it's like I have a totaly new computer. 4 Gigs of memory, and 320 GB hard drive. Sure it's only got a 2.2 GHz core 2 duo chip but the very new ones only have a 2.4 or 2.5.

I am very happy....I can wrench on a mac.

More to come....

Hugz to you all

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