Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anniversary Blast

"I had a little bit too much." Can you say Lady GaGa doing a stage dive at the end of her set??? Can you say Cyndi Lauper dancing barefoot on stage?? Can you say "Damn that Morgan Page is a HOTTIE!!!" ?? Can you "make love like a stranger"?? Did you know that DJ Ajax makes it better??? Did you know that there is a former member of Destiny's Child that isn't Beyonce and has talent??? Did you see Kid Loose wrap up the night with a set on the main stage??

All this and more happened last night at the Energy Anniversary blast.

If you were not there you missed THE party of the year. It was hands down the best party Energy 92.7 has thrown. The flow was good, acts kept hitting the stage, and it was a great time. Part of it could have been that Julie was there. I was going through Julie withdrawal. We have too much fun when we hang out.

Ok gotta run...time for the No Tap tournament.

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