Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Surfer's Bible

The Holy Bible interpreted for Surfers. Honestly way back in the Desert Storm days I came up with this idea. I was going to have the language more in slang but this works too. Here's an excerpt or two....

Surfers love a challenge. From the big wave tow-in pros, to the aging veteran surfer struggling to manage their priorities and growing injuries, to the grommet pushing their limits on their local beachbreak. The Surfers Bible contains the greatest news of all. As well as the New Testament section of the Bible (the worlds best seller of all time for all times) we have added stories of surfers lives who have been touched by God. We also wanted to give a clear, surfer friendly description of just what this good news is all about.

Go on, take off on the ride of your life and read on…

It goes on from here with the four principals you should know...


God is good, he is generous and he loves you. He made the world good and made you for a special purpose. He is also a just God and a God who will judge us (otherwise his love would be weak). {Dude he said weak....}


Mankind blew it big time a long time ago when we tried to play ‘God' and made our own choices of right and wrong. Bad move for us as we weren't designed to play God, and have been suffering ever since with wars, family hassles, additions, crime, and sickness. What's more, the environment suffers with us. God's justice says that mankind has to pay the penalty for turning against him – and that's a death sentence. There are no rebels in heaven. Death is being for ever away from God and everything good.

Man blew it big time, and the classic 'There are no rebels in heaven'. I just about want to see how much this version of the Bible costs.


Even though we gave up on God, God didn't give up on us. In fact God had a Rescue Mission planned to get us back on side with him. It started with the big advertising campaign of Creation (see Romans 1:18 -23). It touched us in our conscience (see Romans 2:12 -16). It was finally completed when he turned up personally in the person of Jesus. (John 3:16, Romans 5:6-8)

Jesus' mission was to come and die for us! He was the only one who got it right, and he got what we deserved for getting it wrong. We didn't deserve it then or now, it is a totally free gift of God, that's how much Jesus loves us! Anyway, at Easter Jesus got killed on a cross, but three days later rose from the dead to prove his mission was a success. He made a bridge through his death back to God! (John 3:16, Romans 5:6-11)

Yes I'm prolly gonna burn in Hell, but come on.. "The big advertising campaign of Creation"...this is classic stuff.


It is not enough to know about these principles, you need to act on them. The bridge is there, it's free but it's not cheap. It's the only one, no making up your own way. (John 14:6). You have a choice of two ways, no in-betweens. Your choices are:-

Accept Jesus, allow him to pay your penalty, be forgiven, follow him as the leader of your life and he will stick with you forever. Jesus promises you will escape his judgement and make it to heaven.

Reject Jesus, pay your own penalty, remain unforgiven, follow your own way and the ways of the world. Jesus promises you will have to stand before God and will suffer his judgment and hell itself.

I, I will follow him.. and where ever he may go... I will be there.. cause I, I will follow him.. (God I feel like Martha and the Vandellas and I don't even know if they sang that song...)

I've saved the best for last though.... they offer the following advice:

Christianity is a team sport, in fact the church is your new extended family. We need each other to get encouraged, to learn, to receive advice. You need to join in with other Christians, even when they don't surf. Remember, they have to learn to put up with you just as much as you have to put up with them!

So yeah I'm poking fun at this but actually it's pretty cool. It might just be the one version of the Bible that I can actually read and understand. I'm not getting that 'old time religion' but there are some passages in the Bible that are used against me. It never hurts to be informed. Knowing your enemy can be a powerful weapon against them. {Read the Art of War, I'm too tired to accurately quote it here} Anyway.. have a good night!! or Day.. or whatever.. I'm outtie!!! {******************************}

HugZ to you all!!!!!!

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