Monday, December 14, 2009


Bowling... so last Thursday I guess I decided it was time to actually do all those things you're supposed to do when you bowl. I realized a few weeks ago I wasn't bending my knee when I released the ball. So I've been working on that since. Thursday it felt pretty good. Then I wanted to know what my Venom would do on the lanes. I started with my Playmaker, and it was doing well, I was clean through the first 6 frames. Just felt like I was fighting it a little too much. So I grabbed my Venom from my locker. I didn't put tape in the thumb and the first shot in the 7th fell right off my hand. Luckily it went down the lane and struck. So I put tape in and kept with the Venom the rest of the night. Finished the first game with a 211. Second game was pretty good..a couple of bad shots, but I instantly knew what I had done wrong, and corrected it. I'm pretty sure it's because I knew the release was good. I never felt lost. Ended that game with a 220.

So it's feeling good. I'm loving how my ball is rolling down the lane. Definitely the the right ball for the conditions. I start the third game... strike, strike, strike.. the ball is just pounding the pocket. I know when I let it go it's a good shot. I see where it hits the lane and starts to roll.. I just KNOW it's going to strike. Let me tell you that's a good feeling. Three more strikes and we're half way through the game. I've strung 6. Got up in the 7th frame and yeah...the pressure was there. Thinking too much about it. Pulled it something terribly. Anyway pulled a 231 out of that game. Been awhile since I've had three good games like that so the mental aspect isn't there. It still takes a game of 250 or above to make me really happy. Just been awhile since I've bowled this consistantly. Would love to put my average up in the 200's again. We're basically at the mid point of the season. It can be done.

Was reading some tips online today and I found one concerning timing and your approach. The points raised really connected in my head. I was trying it out in the office today. Couldn't slide on the carpet, nor did I have a ball in my hand, but I liked the way it felt. So I'll be putting that into practice and let's see how things go. My average going into last Thursday was a 183, the 662 series jumps that up to a 186. One more week to go before the holiday break...would be nice to add a few more pins to my average.

15 weeks left after the holidays... only need to raise my average one pin a week. Let's see what happens.

{{{{*********************}}}} HUGZ to you all!

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