Friday, December 18, 2009

Bowling Update

Week two on my quest for more consistancy in my approach and release. The lanes were flooded with oil. Had to slow the ball speed down dramatically. I also moved three boards to the right of where I normally stand, just to get the ball up into the pocket. I put into practice the tips I read about linking my right arm with my right foot to start the swing. I keep on with bending the knee at the foul line. No I'm not perfect, still had a few shots where I was off, but practice makes perfect or so they tell me so I'll keep on. The slowing down was a little difficult, but focusing on starting the approach and bending my knee kept me on track. The release felt good so I'm building upon the work done last week.

My scores? First game 198, came back in the second game with a 213, and finished the night with a 213. 624 series. My nephew had it a little rougher than I with all that oil out there. We would start the games fairly closely, one game I remember only being up 5 pins in the 5th frame. I think he rolled a 162, then a 178, and finished the night with 195. So he improved every game and ended up gettting his average for the night.

My 624 series helped in raising my average. It went up another 2 pins. I'll start with a 188 after the Holiday break. Our first week back is like a mini sweepers, it's the men vs the men and the women vs the women. It's a three week break before we start the second half of the league and before I can continue raising my average. I'm going to practice during the Holiday break so I can keep these things going in the right direction. I want to end this year with a 200+ average. I can see it happening, but seeing is not doing the work. Time to make practicing a priority. I don't do New Year's resolutions. I set this goal after last week is a goal I'm going to reach.

Not sure if I'll get another post in before the Holidays, so I'll take this moment to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I hope you are surrounded by friends and family and take the time to enjoy the 'Spirit of the Season'.

{{{{{************************}}}}} HUGZ to you all!!!!!

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