Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year

Happy New Year to all!!!

So I did no bowling over my two week break, but it didn't seem to affect me too much. Last Thursday was our fun night. Sheets up over the lanes just past the arrows so you couldn't see the pins. It was a good thing cause it made you focus on your approach, follow through, and hitting your mark. All the things I've been working on since I set my goal.

It's fun night so the first game was 8 pin no tap (8 or more pins on the first ball scores as a strike), second game was 9 pin no tap, and the last game was regular bowling. I shot 268, 230, 236. As you see I shot 6 pins higher in regular bowling than in the no tap. Looks like things were working well in me putting the ball on the lane. The scores don't count toward average, or wins/losses it was our mini sweeper. Men vs Men, and Women vs Women. I shot a 764 with my handicap. My nephew shot a 300 his first game (five real strikes the rest were no taps) and had an 811 series with his handicap. He only had like 52 pins handicap. So he's got his game improving also. I've gotta stay on top of my stuff to beat him. It's a friendly rivalry, but I do have the lead in games won for the season. There's $100 riding on that one, and I'm gonna do my best to make sure I win. :-)

I'm pretty sure I'm just going to focus on using the Black Widow Venom, and my Ebonite Playmaker through the rest of the season. I've got my White Dot spare ball, so I don't see myself buying any new balls this year. I've got some damn good equipment, why buy more and get confused?

It felt real good bowling. You could drop down after your threw your ball and see it roll down the lane. Many of the shots I threw rolled so nice down that lane. It was good to see the ball do what it's supposed to. I even picked up a couple of 10 pins in that last game. It goes to prove that you don't need to see any more than 20 feet or so of the lane. What happens in that last 40 feet is a direct result of how the ball is sent down the lane. Good approach, bend your knee, stay behind the ball, follow through, reach out, hit your mark. You do all that and it's hard to beat. It's the mechanics of it all. There is no one 'right' way to do it. You find a style that is comfortable for you, and you do it every time. I use a five step approach, because that works for me. My nephew uses only a three step approach. When our balls hit the pocket, the result is the same. He can have those pins dancing around just as much as I.

So it's fun having someone push me as much as my nephew does. He's really impressed me before the break, and again last Thursday. Weeks when he shot a bad game and would give up. Not so anymore. He's figuring out what he's doing wrong, and correcting it.

Ok I've got some things to do, and heading out. You all have a great one!!!

{****************} HUGZ to you all.

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