Friday, January 22, 2010

El Nino!!! The terrible!!!

Yea the title there is just a little something for me. If you live in California you know all about it. If you live anywhere else you've prolly heard about all the rain, etc we've been having out here on the Left Coast. Been a pretty dreary week and I'm happy to say there is currently a break in the clouds and I can see blue sky. Sometimes you forget it's there above the clouds. I bring you news of the weird...

The 1023 overdose event

Click the link there and see for yourself. I guess the skeptics will be ok but what if one of the people there actually does believe in the stuff and they are taking an overdose... could their mind make it true??? (Matrix stuff there)

I also read about passwords and a study done on 32 million cracked accounts online. The top four passwords used in these 32 million.......
1. 123456
2. 12345
3. 123456789
4. Password
Seriously I didn't think anyone actually used password as a password. Here's the link to the article Password Study I thought my passwords were too simple and I find that actually they are decent. I do the alpha-numeric thing, although I do end up falling into easy patterns.

Just killing a little time at work by posting this. It was only a four day work week but dang did it go on forever. I did find some flooding in my new house. Half inch of water got into the garage. I'll have to go through it this weekend and see what's been wrecked and what can be saved. Guess I've put organizing the garage on the back burner for too long. Oh well anything ruined I didn't need, or it can be replaced. Not really gonna freak out over it. I got sand bags earlier in the week to barricade the doors that were leaking. The back yard turns into a lake. It does recede but when so much water comes down so quickly it does hang out for awhile. Some water got into the shed as well, and I'll have to see what got ruined out there. I know one box of wrapping paper got soaked, but we've had that paper for years and years and years and years and wrapping paper is not that expensive to buy. I've been wanting some new stuff anyway.

HUGZ to you all!!!!! {*********************} Have a fantastic weekend where ever you are, and remember put that positive energy out into the world. It will come back to you a million times over.

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