Friday, May 28, 2010

More randomness

So I have this dream, it's a recurring dream. I don't always get to this place in the same way, but I always know it when I arrive. I visit this place from time to time. I know not where it is, but the people are always the same and they are always happy to see me. They grow, age, live their lives, I am but a visitor there yet it's like I've done something major in the past. I don't understand it but it sure feels like more than a dream, it's like I am visiting somewhere. I've never 'felt' weather in a dream, yet in this place I do. I feel the wind blowing, the temperature, etc.

Yes Google is my friend, but I never can find anything when I search for dream meanings. Just the standards of 'falling' and so many other things that I can't ever say I've ever dreamed of. The falling one is fun though, the 'wake up before you hit the ground' doesn't seem to hold for me. I've hit the ground many a time when dreaming I'm falling and I'm still here. It does tend to wake you up though.

Just been on my mind so thought I'd get it out here in the blog and see what I make of it when it's in print.

I remain a Gentleman, even after the first date.

HUGZ to you all!!!!

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