Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Legion sent me this...

Fanatical special interest groups are well financed and organized. The use the courts - unelected, unaccountable, often irreponsible, immoral, amoral, atheistic judges for their agenda. The cost to continue fending off their attacks is high, but we cannot stand back and watch as these groups slowly chip away at our country's moral foundation. We must draw a line in the sand. Would you be willing to consider a gift of support to HELP ADVANCE our fight to protect our flag, our pledge and great American institutions like the Boy Scouts?

So my reply??? NO.

I filled out their survey and gave them my thoughts. Funny how the questions only had a choice of two answers... and no space to put your thoughts into it. One question I totally did not answer. (Should private organizations like the Boy Scouts have the right to make their own policies regarding homosexual men supervising young boys?) Read that question again because it's not asking should an organization like the Boy Scouts allow gays.

I'm returning their survey and I think this should be the end of the American Legion contacting me.

Anyway things are dragging on the house... and now I'm wondering what's going on.

HUGZ to you all

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