Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday plans

My Birthday is this coming Friday. (yes that would be the 27th of February) The plans as I know them are as follow:

Food. (People gotta eat, right??) Benihana's in Walnut Creek. I got three people so far and the table seats eight. So if you wanna come and get this party started let me know. I'm thinking 7:30-ish... Plans will firm up as the week progresses.

Party. You know we gotta celebrate. My Birthday, my new house, my boyfriend....etc. Matthew Baker is throwing down the beats at 1220, and so where else should I go? Yeah it's a Gay club in Walnut Creek, but it always has a mixed crowd. (gay lesbian straight, etc) Come on out and have some fun. The cover is only $ I not worth $5????

So there you have it.
HUGZ to you all!!!

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