Friday, February 20, 2009

Beer and Vicodin

Sure you're all thinking I'm kinda buzzed with that title so you'll not believe any of this anyway.. Works for me.

In seven (7) days I turn 41. Yes one more notch on the post. You see it's kinda mind blowing on this end. I don't know where it came from but it's been there for years in my head that 35 would be the end. I'm way beyond that point now.

Wanna know the other funny thing? I've seen my death twice now in dreams. They were not the same. Once was back when I was in the Army, the other not so many years ago. Anyway different situations, but I KNOW I've died in each. So it makes me wonder... it there a hard count where when you reach that one you are gone?? Was I just peaking on a parallel me and see that one die?? (yeah that one sounds a lie to my ears) Many questions stem from all of this.

To bed with me.... and all the crazyness swirling in my head.

Hugz to you all

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