Friday, August 7, 2009


Rollin to the club in my 5.0
Windows are down so my hair can blow...

Vanilla Ice where did you go???

So it's a busy weekend here. Ruby Skye tonight to see Kid Loose and DJ Irene. Tomorrow night is the Cafe and Joey V. Been too long since I've seen Joey. Yes I miss my friends..

Anyway had some crazy stuff this past week. Weird sleep on Wednesday night, ended with a 'dream'. Not sure if it was a dream or I was off traveling. Felt like I went to my 'place', but it was a little different this time. Ran into people I haven't seen in years. Got into a huge conversation with some of the truckers from back in the Shell days. Been awhile since I went traveling at night. Yeah I leave the body behind... Got hit with some huge wave of 'blah' (it's the only way I can describe it), and the daily Tarot cards are pointing towards something big heading this way. Reminding me to accept it and always be me. Travel through it and stand my ground, don't lose sight of who and what I am. I actually got that message from a couple of different places. So looks like a challenge is on the way. Fear is wasted energy. I have no need to waste what I have.

Julie and Ian set the wedding date.. so now I know when... it's the where, and all the other little details that will follow along. Julie's been looking at dresses and we're hoping to go pick one next weekend. Yeah she wants my input, and it means alot. Well I'm not standing up there on her side for nothing. Yes. I think it's fantastic that she's having 'bridesmen' on her side instead of the 'traditional' bridesmaids... (no jokes of 'always a bridesman, never a bride'...) I'm husband material, just looking for a husband. One day I really will be able to get married in California. We had it for a short while and the world did not end. Just a matter of time I think....

Not the tangent I want to go on here.... so time to switch. Anyway... the mystical, the magical, the beauty of life surrounds me. I am a part of it as much as it is a part of me. Here's something for you to think upon until we meet again.... "Would the child I once was be proud of the adult I have become?"

Hugz to you all!!!

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