Monday, January 26, 2009

Didn't Tom Petty say...

The waiting is the hardest part.....

I'm pretty sure it was Tom Petty that sang that. (I could be wrong, but I sure hear his voice.)

So yeah I'm in the waiting pattern. There are times it's fine and good and no worries. There are times where it just drives me fsckin crazy. I want to know if I'm getting the house or not, but then again I don't want to know too soon. Friday is pay day, I get my W2, I can do my taxes for this year. If I'm getting the house I can claim the First time Home Buyers Tax Credit and get $7,500 because I bought a house. If I am smart (and I like to think that I am) I'll put that money into it's own ING account and let it earn me some interest, and then use it for things like Property Taxes, etc. (all those little things they forget to tell you about when you're looking for that house.) Call it a 'housing cost' fund. It would be nice to have that as a 'cushion' for the first few years so I'm not scrambling to cover those expected and unexpected things that pop up.

Nerve wracking and exhilarating all at the same time. Buying a house that is. 30 year fixed about commitment. (see even with the vacation from these blogs the spelling didn't improve.) So can I just do one thing at a time that is like this?? No I've got to end up meeting this great guy and go through trying to get him in my life, and buy a house, and try to not freak out over the budget crisis in the State of California and how I'm a State employee, and if something major doesn't happen soon I could be getting IOU's instead of pay checks. I'm some how thinking that the mortgage company isn't gonna take an IOU on my brand new mortgage.

The answer to dealing with all of this??? BEER. (if you really think about it BEER can be the answer to almost everything.) Bass was on sale at Safeway. It's been YEARS since I've had Bass. So I bought a 12 of it today.

So just a quick update.

Hugz to you all.

Spell check does work!!! This internet thing just might catch on!!!

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