Friday, January 23, 2009

time goes by

Days go by and still I think of you.....

And so we start another blog.. but then VNV Nation comes on and I feel compelled to put some lyrics down.....

"I know it's hard to tell
how mixed up you feel
hoping what you need
is behind every door

each time you get hurt
I don't want you to change
cause everyone has hopes
you're human after all

The feeling sometimes
wishing you were someone else
the feeling as though
you never belonged
this feeling is not sadness
this feeling is not joy
I truly understand
please don't cry now"

Now onto the blog

Where to start??? New bowling ball??? Offer on a house?? Boyfriend????
(yeah I've been a busy boy.) Black Widow Venom is the bowling ball. Very nice ball, and yeah I know I'm back to Hammer. ( Non bowling geeks can skip the next paragraph or two.) See way back when...1993 or maybe even 1994...I was out of the Army, back home and bowling....well it was time for a new ball. The guy in the pro shop (Dorn) told me I should move up to a 16 lb ball and not keep the 14. I was concerned that I would drop the heavier ball. Dorn told me that I'd have no problems with the weight. As it turned out he had a couple of 'used' balls from Nikki G (women's pro bowler, born and raised in the Vallejo area) So he felt one of her old Hammer balls would be a good next step for me. (I think it was the blue one first then the red one.) So I started this bowling journey with Hammer. (I think Dad had a black one, 14 lb and I took that over as I got better) So full circle in a way.

The ball is very NICE and it's one of the few that tells me what I'm doing by the way it hits. (Ok they ALL do that if you just pay attention) I rolled a few games with my nephew just to break it in. We did this BEFORE league bowling that night. Then we bowled 3 games in league. Yeah no one ever said we were smart. So 6 games bowled on thursday. After the first set of three I thought I had it figured out. The first game in league, I fought that ball and tried to steer it, control it. Make it do what I wanted it to do and not just let it roll. 151 was the reward for all that work. (Now at this point some people would be bitching about how bad the ball sucks, and how they just blew $200 plus on a brick......etc, etc.) I knew I had to go back and let the ball do the work. All I had to do was stay behind it, follow through, and hit my mark. The ball would do the rest. Second game.... 203. (Hmm seems to be some logic to this.) So third game comes up (6th game I rolled that night if you've been following along.) and I've warmed up to this ball and KNOW that if I just let it do the work it can be an amazing thing. Last game.....232. Pretty SWEET if you ask me. That was 6 games that night and it's been FOREVER since I've rolled 6 games in that short of a span. So yeah I'm liking my new ball.

New house.... well the reality of life in these times has hit and through the twists and turns it seems as though I can actually BUY a house. (yeah there are many factors here and details that won't be posted.) Suffice it to say that bargains abound, and my act has been pulled together. I looked at 10 different places last Monday, and only two were contenders. The one I put an offer in on is the best of what I've seen and really too nice to be in my price range. It is a foreclosure so I'm sure that's why it's a bargain. Granite counters in the kitchen, a master suite with walk in closet and a bathroom that I could LIVE in. I'll have pics up when I know it's mine. (look for a post by Tuesday next week). Excited??? Hell yeah..

So I met this really amazing guy and damn..... what can I say?? damn.. went out to 1220 last Saturday and it was just soo good. Matthew Baker was just soo great. He gives my man one of his CD's to welcome him to the Energy family. Later on in the night Matthew gave me some great advice, and shock of all shocks I'm actually following it. "Let the past go, all of it. Do the unexpected and just follow this for as long as it lasts." Or words to that effect. (Bartenders were pouring STRONG that night.) It was just how he said it and when he said it. It definately hit home and I'm following that bliss.

Bitter Ball 13 Feb, 2009. Yeppers it's on the Hornblower boat again. Couple of hours out on the bay. Kid Loose, DJ Ajax, Matthew Baker, GHR, Trevor Simpson... Party time!!

Ok I'm out.. it's late and I gotta get up early.

Hugz to you all!!!

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