Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday night

So it was a good weekend. Off to the city to meet Joey V for drinks before we headed off to the Cellar and DJ Ajax. There was much traffic going into the city and we left Vallejo around 8:30 pm or so.. Fought with the navigator and wound our way up to the Cellar. (takes us on a different route everytime.) Parked in our garage of choice (yeah there was prolly street parking, but I'm ok with paying for the garage.)

We thought AJax was up first (10p to midnight) but he was not there. The DJ (I so forgot his name, spins for another radio station) was pretty damn good. He did an 80's set like you wouldn't believe. We were having some fun. Drinks, dancing, counting to see if there would be more Madonna or Michael Jackson songs spun. (it was a tie at 4 each) Disco Bob and his wife were there. Ajax shows up and we run into him near the bar. So we all BS and Chris buys a round of drinks, gotta get the Birthday boy something!!

Midnight finally rolls around. Joey does his last duty and then splits. Disco Bob and his wife leave not long after. Chris and I hang out to catch Ajax's set. We make our way over towards the DJ booth when we were getting ready to head out, and it's like Ajax knew we were gonna go. He dives into his bag of tricks and I can't leave. It's just so much fun watching him work, and how the crowd reacts to some of his crazy cuts. (yeah I'm a people watcher from way back in the day) So we get in the flow and just have fun. At one point Ajax looks at me, puts his finger up and wham.. "DJ Ajax does it better"... yeah it's his personalized version of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" I love it.

Finally it's time for me to get moving... I climb up in the DJ booth to say good bye to Ajax. The we make our way outta the club. Let me tell you the cool/cold air outside felt good. We made our way safely home and I fell into the bed.

So it was a good start to the weekend. I had told myself that Friday was gonna be fun, no drama kinda night, and it was. There was a friend who was gonna come along to the club, but he wasn't feeling well so decided to stay home. Around 10 pm he felt better and sent me a txt. Oh well I'm at the club now, catch you next time.

Speaking of next time......I caught a bulletin that DJ Matthew Baker posted over on Myspace. He'll be spinning at 1220 on Wednesday night. I guess I might have the little party to start the long weekend. I'll have to be good so I can get up in the morning and get the Bird into the oven on time.

Turkey day is a big one for me. I'm the chief cook here at my house. There is pleanty of work for me to do on that day. Turkey, stuffing, au gratin potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc.... Don't get me wrong I do love it... just tons of work to do on that day. Whatever your plans for that day I hope you travel safely, and enjoy the company of Family and Friends. Good Food, Good Drinks, and FOOTBALL!!!!

HUGZ to you all!!!!

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