Sunday, November 16, 2008


What a great day. Weather beautiful, friends, fellowship, commitment, work, etc.

Started the day heading out to the city and the protests over Prop 8. Parked near the station and walked down Market street to Civic center plaza. Found Joey, Jenny, Rik and Baby Bobby and spent our time there in solidarity with the crowd. We are united on our fight against Prop 8 and the various backers of said Proposition. I've posted many pictures on Myspace. There were some great signs and yes my favorite is "A recent vote shows that 52.5% of you are IDIOTS" (I'm not mentioning names, but for some reason Alice in Wonderland comes to mind.)

We left the protest site and headed off in search of food. Quiznos was settled upon, and since Joey/Jenny and Rik all parked at the station we headed to the one near the station. After a quick meal, then we wandered over to the station. Julie and Kid Loose were there and so we said our good bye's to Joey, Jenny and Bobby while Chris, Rik and I hung out with Kid Loose and Julie in studio for a little bit. We added content to Kid's show and basically had a great time. yeah the geek in me got a good fill of watching how 'Live' radio happens. How the calls into the station are edited, etc. How they know what will fit between songs. How the beds are added in while spots are going, etc. etc etc etc

Yes I love seeing the technology and realizing how complex this thing called radio really is.

Ok gotta run.. hope to get a pic or two up soon.

{***************} HUGZ to you all!!!!

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