Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ok so here we go....

Time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get ready to face the next round. History was made last night, you cannot deny that fact. I would have liked that history to be the defeat of a proposition that changes the constitution of the State of California, and takes away one of my rights. Well you can't always get what you want (didn't the Rolling Stones tell me that YEARS ago???) Years ago Prop 22 passed with a 61% majority. Yesterday Prop 8 passed with a 52% majority. I want to say only 8 years have passed between the two propositions. Do you see what this means?? Yep we're closer than ever to getting there.

I have a feeling that come January 20th some major things will be changing. A new era is dawning in America. There is a shining light that is going to Washington and he's gonna get us on the right path. You know what struck me deeply in Obama's acceptance speech? It wasn't all "Look at how great I am" "I won, I won, I won", no it was quite different. It was "Look at what WE did." and a "Get ready boys and girls, cause we got some work to do." YES WE CAN.

I've never been so moved by any politician in my short time here on this planet. I remember some of Reagans' speeches, but I was in 9th or 10th grade. He had that talent to stir the American people and get them going in the direction he wanted. Barak Obama does the same thing. He touches everyone and makes us see that we need to pull this together and get going. He's not gonna put up with any BS either. He's stepping into one hell of a mess, but I think he's the only guy that could pull us out of this mess.

John McCain, what can you say about that man?? His speech last night was really amazing. If he had run his campaign the way he gave that speech, well I'm thinking things would have been totally different last night. He was gracious, and showing that spirit that truly always has been there. Had he gotten the nomination back in 2004 instead of Bush, well hard to say where we'd be but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be in the situation we currently are in.

I took my day off, worked through my emotions, and am ready to face the new day. It was not easy, and I KNEW I wanted this one too much. The major questions need to be answered. What does the passing of Prop 8 mean to the thousands of couples that have been married from May til now?? Will their marriages be annuled? Where do we go now?? Now that the State Constitution is being amended to say that a Marriage is between one Man and one Woman ONLY, how do we fight this?

Will of the people?? 52% of the people maybe. What about the 48% that don't agree with that decision??? I thought we'd make it this time. I thought we'd defeat those that oppose us out of fear. Fear is more powerful than I thought. It must be a sad existance to live your life in FEAR. I can't do that. I live my life in the sun, and out, and without fear.

Get ready Boys and Girls, the work still lies ahead of us. At least we now have a leader that can show us the way.

{******************} HUGZ to you all!!!!

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